Including an image in a page/post

Edit the page/post as usual. Place the cursor in the content editor where you want the image to be inserted (please note that it is impossible to exactly place an image in the page).
Click on the ‘Add an Image’ icon (see below)

You can then either upload an image from your PC (default tab) or if you have already uploaded the image then click the ‘Media Library’ tab and click the ‘Show’ link next to the required image.
In the resulting window that opens select the image in the ‘From Computer’ tab if you have not already uploaded the image or the ‘Media Library’ tab if you have already uploaded it.

If the image has been successfully uploaded then the details together with a thumbnail (smaller version) of the image should be displayed (see below). You will probably want to ensure that is opened Full Size, and then click ‘Insert into Post’