How do I add or edit content in a WordPress website?

Creating a new post (eg News item)

From the dashboard click ‘Add New’ in the ‘Posts’ widget.

Enter the following information:

• Title (required, numbers and letters only),
• Content (required).

  • Ensure that you have clicked on the Visual tab so that you are able to format the text (eg bold, underline, create bulleted lists etc)

To aid with adding/editing content you are able to click and drag the bottom right hand corner of the content window to resize the editor window.
• Excerpt (optional – if this is entered this will be typically be displayed where there are links to the full post content eg a page of listed News items . If this is not entered the CMS will auto-generate the excerpt based on the content you entered.
Select the relevant post category if applicable (eg News) in the ‘Category’ widget to the right side of the content editor:

Finally click ‘publish’ to display the post in your website.