Will my website work on everybodys device?

Users view the internet on a wide range of devices these days from their desktop pc to laptop, netbook, tables smartphone.  Internet browsers interpret the code that makes up website in slightly different ways.  While it is impossible to guarantee that your website will look identical in all devices I test rigorously to ensure that the vast majority of internet users will encounter the same experience when viewing your website.

Currently (March 2013) the most popular internet browsers are:

  • Google Chrome – 51.7% (and rising)
  • Firefox – 28.5% (and falling)
  • Internet Explorer – 13% (and falling).

Since 2012 Microsoft have been automatically upgrading users browsers in order to improve performance, security and users experience.  As a result IE7 now has less than 1% of the browser share.  In light of this most websites are not developed with IE7 in mind unless requested by the client.

99% of browser users today have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.  As a result I tend to focus on these requirements when developing a website

Source – w3schools March 2013