Why should I use Google Adwords/PPC Advertising

Why should I use Google Adwords/PPC Advertising

What is ‘PPC’?

Google Adwords or PPC Ads are the advert listings that appear above and down the right hand side of search results on Google. Over 90% of the UK’s internet users use the Google network making this form of advertising extremely powerful for a number of key reasons:

PPC is Targetted Advertising

In contrast to other advertising media, Google PPC advertising will only display your company’s advert when a potential customer is looking. How does Google do this? Google analyses the text you enter into its search engine and display only the ads that Google thinks you are interested in. When you consider that there are  over 1 trillion searches on Google each year you start to see that your ads will be viewed by a huge number of potential customers.

PPC is Affordable Advertising

With PPC You only pay a small fee when a potential customer clicks on your ad. If a thousand people see your ad but noone clicks on it you do not pay a penny to Google. With campaign set up costs of only £30 and monthly management fees of £30 it is easy to see why PPC is often considered the best form of investment a company can undertake.

PPC is Immediate Advertising

It can take years for Google to ‘trust’ new websites enough to rank them well in  ‘organic’ searches. If you have a new website (new website address) you can miss out the frustrating first couple of years by undertaking a PPC campaign and get yourself on the first page of Googles pages.

PPC is perfect for Local, Regional, National Advertising

Google Adwords offers the opportunity to run ads in a specific, town, region, country.  With this type of laser-guided targetting you can tap potential markets in specific areas.

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